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News internazionali 2010

Jefremenko, 26th fencer in the World
In Paris, at the Fencing World Championship, the Latvian  pentathletes Rublevska and Jefremenko competed at high level.
14 november 2010                       
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Olimpiadi 2012: modificata la decisione del Congresso
Apprendiamo da un comunicato stampa della UIPM che la la decisione del congresso di Riga relativa all'utilizzo....
11 november 2010                       
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2012: Olimpiadi senza pistole laser
Si è concluso a Riga il Congresso internazionale della UIPM, nel quale si è deciso del prossimo futuro della tecnologia laser nel tiro.
7 november 2010                       
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Great Britain: three times gold
At the Youth “B” European Championships 2010, in Varna, Great Britain won 3 golds medals. Choong (Gbr) won the men competition, followed by Stasiak (Pol)...
24 september 2010                       
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Statistics about international participations
The Youth B European Championship held in Bulgaria closed officially  the season of international events and thus it is time of statistics. The statistics deal with...
22 september 2010                       
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Caze Superstar, Karyakin surprise
In the woman competition Amelie Caze (Fra) won her 3rd seniores world championships. In the history of woman pentathlon only Fijellerup...
12 september 2010                       
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Kim and Moya Young Olympic Champions
In Singapore Kim (Kor) and Moya (Cub) are the first young Olympic champions of the history. In the men competition behind Kim, there were...
04 september 2010                        
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Kovacs and Demeter on the top of the world
At the Junior World Championships  the Hungarian athletes won both women and men individual competition:  Kovacs Sarolta got the gold medal, 
16 august 2010                        
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Germany leads in Debrecen
At the European seniores championships 2010, Germany leads with 2 gold medals, 2 silvers and 1 bronze. The new European champion is Svoboda (Cze). Weale ...
21 july 2010                        
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Schoneborn and Marosi, won in Moscow
After 3 world cup event the Olympic champion, Lena Schoneborn, won also the Final. Incredible leadership for this athlete. In 2nd place the winner.....
1 july 2010                        
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Asia leads at youth A World championships
In the men competition China won the individual competition with Han. Second place for Biruk (Blr) and bronze medal for Kim (Kor). Korea won Team and Team ..
23 june 2010                        
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Gold medal n°3 for Schoneborn
The Olympic champion won in Berlin (5th World Cup event) her 3rd gold medal in the season. Second before combined, thanks to a good riding, she took first position 
17 june 2010                        
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Khuraskina and Golis European champions
At the Juniores European championships 2010, Golis (Pol) led the men competition, thank to a wonderfull swimming, 1’52”8, 2nd e 3rd for Russia, Nedov and Diyachkov.
4 june 2010                        
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Hungary leads European Youth “A” championships
Demeter Gergely (Hun), won the individual men competition. Second place for Biruk (Blr) and 3rd place for Pavlyuk (Ukr), winner
24 may 2010                        
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First victory for Lesun, Schoneborn win again
After the podium in Medway, the Bielorussian Lesun took the first victory in World Cup. Second season podium also for Zadneprovskis (Ltu)..
13 may 2010                        
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Caze and Marosi come again
After two events without podium Caze and Marosi come again leaders.
Amelie Caze (Fra) started with 1000pt in fencing, then with good swimming and ...
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Gretchichnikova and Krungolcas leaders in Cairo
The Russian Gretchichnikova, won the 2nd World cup event 2010 thanks to the best fencing and combined-event. Rimsaite (Ltu) made a very .....  
7 aprile 2010                        
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In Mexico won Svoboda and Schoneborn
In Mexico, 1st World Cup event 2010, Svoboda (Cze) won men competition. Second place for  Karyakin (Rus) and bronze medal for Zadneprovskis (Ltu). ...
7 aprile 2010                        
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